Poster Session

Christopher Bandoro, MIT
“Bacterial lipopolysaccharide interacts with and reduces the environmental stability of avian and human influenza viruses”

Eli Bogart, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
“Linking microbiome time-series data to patient outcomes with interpretable rules”

Kelly Chen, MIT
“Integrated Gut/Liver Microphysiological System Elucidates Cytokine/Chemokine Inter-Tissue Crosstalk under Endotoxin-Induced Stress”

Collin Edington, MIT
“Development of bioreactor devices for microbiome and multi-organ interaction studies”

Brantley Hall, Broad Institute
“Oxidative Stress and Functional Dysbioses in the IBD Gut Microbiome”

Larson Hogstrom, Broad Institute
“Assembly-based characterization of longitudinal metagenomic samples”

Yolanda Huang, Harvard
“Microbial Metabolism of 4-Hydroxyproline by a Glycyl Radical Enzyme”

David Jackson, Harvard
“From Big Data to Small Molecules: an Adaptable Platform for Molecular Discoveries at the Host-microbe Interface”

Jared Kehe, MIT
“A discovery platform for rapid bottom-up construction and characterization of microbial communities”

Nitzan Koppel, Harvard
“Characterization of a drug-inactivating enzyme from a prominent human gut microbe”

Bentley Lim, Yale University
“Engineered Regulatory Systems Modulate Gene Expression of Human Commensals in the Gut”

Ana Martinez-del Campo, Harvard
“Characterization of Anaerobic Choline Metabolism and its Impact on Host Metabolism”

David Riglar, Harvard
“Gut Feelings: Engineering synthetic bacterial circuits to functionally probe the mammalian gut microbiome”

Rama Krishna Simhadri, Boston University
“The gut commensal microbiome of Drosophila is modified by the endosymbiont Wolbachia”

Emilee Tu, OpenBiome
“The Impact of Donor Diet and Lifestyle Habits on Microbial Profile and Clinical Outcomes of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Clostridium difficile Infection”

Dave VanInsberghe, MIT
“Disturbances trigger asymptomatic Clostridium difficile blooms in the human gut”

Xiaoqian(Annie) Yu, MIT
“Development of a Pipeline to Identify and Quantify Interactions in Natural Microbial Communities”

Ali R. Zomorrodi, Boston University
“Deciphering the games microbes play at genomic resolution